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All L.A Dance Centre students have the opportunity to perfom to their Parents, relatives and friends  in our periodic productions.  These are staged  in professional venues and, in recent years, have been at Princes Hall, Aldershot.  We are sure that any who have seen past Shows will agree that they are presented to a high standard.  Our last show was in July 2018. 
Whilst most students absolutely love to participate, this is entirely their choice and no pressure is placed on them if they feel that it is not what they want. We ensure that rehearsals do not interfere with normal classes for those not participating in the next show.
However, to achieve the highest standard possible, we normally require Students who wish to take part to have completed one full term of classes in the relevant genre before rehearsals start.  We also expect full commitment from Students and their Parents to ensure the vital regular attendance at show rehearsals - which take place for some months before each show.   


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