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The Principals hold teaching qualifications awarded by International Dance Teachers Association, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance, The Royal Society of Arts, British Cheerleading Association and Acrobatic Arts.  These, coupled with a combined teaching experience of well over 50 years means they are well equipped to instruct Students to the required standards.
We are immensely proud to say that our Students have a 100% exam success rate throughout the 28 years since the school was founded and many have been placed in the Distinction category.
Exams are held regularly and, for Students who wish to take them, will involve additional costs - such as extra practice sessions and the fees levied by the examining organisations.  Students are encouraged to enter when they reach the required standard, as this enables them to mark their progress with formal qualifications - but only if they so wish.  No pressure is placed on any Student - after all, some come to our classes.......


..... just for Fun!!!

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